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We understand that as a family law attorney, you face unique challenges when representing clients during divorce proceedings. That’s why we’re here to offer our support and expertise, acting as a valuable teammate throughout the process. We are a team of seasoned professionals who specialize in divorce-related matters pertaining to real estate, taxes, and financial planning. 

Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to family law attorneys, empowering you to better serve your clients and achieve favorable outcomes. With our extensive knowledge and experience in divorce situations, we offer two key services: Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and expert collaboration.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

We recognize the importance of staying up to date with the latest developments and best practices in family law. Our team of experts offers engaging and informative CLE tailored specifically for family law attorneys. Through the CLE, you’ll gain valuable insights into matters related to the intricacies of asset division, property valuation and mortgage decisions, tax implications, cash flow management and more. We understand that financial considerations can significantly impact the outcome of a divorce case and our perspectives on real estate, taxes, and financial planning in divorce situations can help keep you up to date and effective when addressing financial aspects in divorce proceedings.


Expert Collaboration

Divorce cases can be emotionally charged and legally intricate, often requiring a multidisciplinary approach. By collaborating with our team of experts, you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise that complements your legal acumen. We serve as a dedicated partner, providing strategic financial guidance and offering expert opinions when needed. Together, we can form a powerful alliance that strengthens your representation and maximizes your clients’ chances of a successful resolution.


Why Work with the Divorce Professional Network?

1. Divorce Expertise: Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who have successfully handled numerous complex cases. Our understanding of divorce-related financial matters enables us to provide invaluable insights and support to family law attorneys.

2. Tailored CLE Courses: Our CLE courses are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of family law attorneys. You’ll receive practical knowledge and case study examples that can be immediately applied to enhance your legal practice.

3. Collaborative Approach: We believe in teamwork and collaboration. By working alongside our divorce experts, you can tap into our specialized knowledge and experience, benefiting from our guidance and assistance throughout the divorce process.

4. Client-Centered Focus: We understand that divorce cases impact families’ lives profoundly. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your clients. We prioritize their well-being and support you in your advocacy for fair and equitable resolutions.

Elevate your divorce practice by leveraging the Divorce Professional Network. Clients benefit the most when we collaborate from the early stages of the divorce process, so reach out to learn more about how we can help.”

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