Cindy Scobee


Cindy Scobee is a mortgage consultant with 11 years of experience. I achieved an important milestone by earning my RCS-D (Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce) designation. This designation has empowered me to offer valuable assistance to individuals going through the intricate process of divorce and separation. I specialize in guiding them through this challenging phase by providing professional advice on preserving their credit and safeguarding their eligibility for homeownership, with the aim of facilitating these critical steps before mediation. In many cases, clients wish to retain the family home, and conducting a lending analysis before mediation is essential.

My commitment to supporting clients facing divorce extends beyond simply offering mortgage services; it underscores my dedication to assisting them with confidence and ease. This additional dimension to my business underscores my unwavering commitment to providing tailored support, ensuring that my clients have the knowledge and resources to make informed and empowering decisions during this challenging period in their lives.